Doing a clean reinstall of MediaShout V4.x

NOTE:  We recommend that you make a back up copy of the entire My Shout folder before uninstalling MediaShout.  This is where MediaShout installs the song database, Bible databases, templates, and user settings. DO NOT DELETE THE MY SHOUT FOLDER.  (The My Shout folder should be in either the C:\Documents and Settings\All Users folder in XP, or the C:\Users\Public folder in Vista or Win 7 if the installation has been done with default settings.)

To perform a clean reinstall of V4.5, please do the following:

1.  Go to Tools/License Manager and deactivate MediaShout. (Be sure you have your V4 license code and your V3 serial number if this was an upgrade.)

2.  Uninstall MediaShout 4.  (Go to Start > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs (in XP), or Programs and Features (in Vista or 7). (If V3 is on the system, it should also be removed.  Uninstall all the updates starting with the latest working your way down until all V3 item have been uninstalled.)

3. While in Control Panel, go to Folder Options. On the View Tab, make sure to click the radio button to "Show hidden files and folders" and click OK.

4.  XP users, go to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data and delete any MediaComplete or MediaShout folder and continue with step 6. Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 users go to C:\ProgramData and delete any MediaComplete or MediaShout folder and continue with step 5.

5. Go to C:\Users and for each user on the system go to (User Name)\AppData\Local and delete and MediaShout or MediaComplete folder. Then open the VirtualStore (also located here) folder and do the same for the ProgramData and Program Files(and/or Program Files (x86)) folders.

6.  Download, install and open the latest version of CCleaner.

7.  In CCleaner, select Tools and make sure there are no references to MediaShout there.  If there are, uninstall them from there.

8.  Go to the Registry tool, leave all of the boxes checked, and select Scan For Issues.  When the scan is finished, you need to Fix All Selected Issues.  Be sure to save a backup of the registry when prompted.  (It may be necessary to run the Registry tool multiple times to clear the majority of the problems from the registry.)

9.  Reboot the computer.

10. Download the most recent Full installer.

Note:  Do not reinstall from a v4 installation disk because the version of MediaShout on the disk is very likely to be older than the version available for download.

Open the program and test for successful operation.